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Besser Digital supports digital transformation and creates digital products and processes for or together with clients and partners – and for own entrepreneurial activities. We are passionate about empathetic digital products and combine this with our expertise in management, tech and marketing. For us, digitization always has to make sense and shouldn’t be implemented only for alibi reasons.

Concepts for monetization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, big data and emotionalization are integral elements of our work, depending on if/when it makes sense, always using a discovery-based and customer-centric approach. We have a strong network of specialist partners in various areas who we can involve in our activities.

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Here you can find a selection of activity areas where
we have previous relevant experience and expertise.


Creation of high-quality, unique and captivating content pieces, be it a complete content website or single text and video items for a blog, or bringing the message to the customer through meaningful content marketing.


Innovative digital and easy-to-understand insurance products; technologies, like digital end-to-end processes, big data, AI, blockchain; digital brokering concepts, incl. distribution channels never seen before in this segment.

Digital Health

It is a highly regulated area with relevant market entry challenges, but with great opportunities and a huge potential. Partnering with existing players, such as health insurances and medical associations can lead to success.

Customer Experience

Nearly everything has a front-end – and it is used by human beings, thus it is necessary to create a meaningful experience so the customer knows what to do, is inspired and personally connects to the brand and product.


It is not only about selling something online. The user needs to find the desired product easily, see it in the right place and setting – and be happy after the purchase. It is important to inspire, motivate and “loyalize” the customer.


It can start with a pen and a blank paper. It can start with the design thinking methodology. It can follow the concept of Discover, Design, Define, Deploy. In any way, it should always be in an iterative and agile process.


Rapidly test ideas and concepts with a paper/cardboard bricolage, a 3D print or a click dummy. Going further, a minimum viable/marketable product gives insights on how the reception of the product is among customers/users.


Multiplatform, multiplayer and freemium models are among the key success factors. Having gamification elements in products, web offerings and apps can motivate the customer and lead to a higher user involvement.

Latin America

More than 600m people having an average age of only approx. 30 years with a high affinity to digital products; nearly uniform language space with only Spanish and Portuguese and a strong cultural link to Europe.

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